Hi, my name is Feri and I would like to warmly welcome you to my website.

I find photography very enjoyable and pleasurable, so I'm always happy to share that enjoyment with others through my work. I have an optimistic and positive nature, so I love taking photographs of weddings, romantic moments, family get-togethers and events that bring a lot of happiness. This allows me not only to capture these moments through photography but also to share in the happiness and enjoyment of them.

I'm passionate about what I do and am always striving to improve both my work and myself as a photographer. I take inspiration from photography professionals like Scott Kelby and Joe McNally, whose books and work provide me with a rich source of ideas and experiences. I'm very professional and responsible in my approach to my work, ensuring that a lot of prep goes into each event. This attention to detail comes from my genuine love for what I do and means you can rely on me to always deliver the best results possible.